Working with young talents

P1010680Herning Boys Choir meets twice a week for rehearsal in Herning Church House. In addition the singers have weekly lessons in solo singing, ear training and piano lessons at the Jutland School of Singing, which is also responsible for the choir’s recruitment.

At the beginning of each school year, teachers from the Jutland School of Singing visit all 3rd grade classes in the Herning school district. Here they assess children for singing and musical potential. A good voice, rhythmic awareness, attentiveness and enjoyment of music are the main criteria. Children who show these abilities are invited to audition for the School of Singing.

Preparatory choir school
Every boy soprano (treble) in Herning Boys Choir starts his career with one year in the preparatory choir school. Here they learn the basics of liturgical singing, ear training and vocal technique. Those that show proven ability are invited to become full members of Herning Boys Choir. There follows a ten-year musical education at the Jutland School of Singing where they enjoy ear and vocal training and learn to play an instrument, usually the piano.

Attending MGK

In addition, up to fifteen students attend the conservatory preparatory course MGK (Musikalsk Grundkursus) in classical singing, a state supported course of education which requires a separate audition. The Jutland School of Singing is a steady supplier of singers to conservatories, opera studios and university music programs.